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Kiton Napoli has been one of the top sartorial quality brands for decades. The very high-end (and pretty expensive) hand made men suits, men dress shirts and sevenfold ties are loved by sartorial fashionistas from Dubai, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and London.

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Kiton tiesKiton Ties

All Kiton ties are sevenfold ties and are made one-by-one in Napoli, Italy. Designs are available in a very wide range in very small quantities however. Kiton tie range from orange diamond design, large pink paisley and distinctive geometric designs in navy. The Kiton tie (as all Kiton ties are 7 fold ties) are pretty thick silk which makes a firm knot. Mattabisch Napoli is a company owned by Kiton which makes great regular cut neckties at 30% lower prices. Kiton ties have a very wide range of styles and color and are all sevenfold, compared to Luigi Borrelli whom makes classic fold, sevenfold and even eleven fold ties. Discount Kiton ties in stock: Kiton Ties.


Kiton Sweaters

Kiton Sweater Jemala WoolKiton uses the finest raw fabrics for their sweaters, v-neck sweaters and cardigans. The Kiton sweater comes in 100% cashmere or 80% cashmere and 20% silk blend (some other variations are rare) and the famous 14 Micron Jemala wool. The 3 button (polo) sweaters comes with a button cuff, some have regular cuffs. Kiton cashmere sweaters retail roughly at $1200- $2400. Get a Kiton sweater and appreciate the bespoke hand stitching and amazing fabrics at 60% off: new styles added: Kiton Sweaters.

The 14 Micron Jemala wool is one of the most finest wool fabrics available: The wool sweaters is very soft and lightweight, The Kiton 14 Micron Jemala wool fabric is very fine.

More cashmere crew neck sweaters and cashmere silk button sweaters added, lots of size M and L. Save up to $1600 off.

Kiton Shirts

Kiton has a wide range of men dress shirts and sport shirts. One part of the collection seems more classic: white/ white-navy striped dress shirts, and one part seems more innovative and "colorful" designs: think: lime orange plaid shirt, or coral pink striped shirt with french cuffs. All hand made in Napoli, Italy. The higher-end Kiton dress shirt retail at $895 (14+ hand stitched elements), the lower-end, still very nice, might have just 7 hand stitched elements). Get a Kiton shirt at a low outlet price now, first quality only. View all discount kiton shirts.



Kiton Dress Shirt Details: Sartorial Hand Stitched Details

Inside Collar - Back Collar Panel - Cuffs Stitch - Mouche, Bottom Sides - Hand Stitched Armholes

Read more details about how a Kiton shirt is made: Kiton Dress Shirt Details


SuitsKiton Suits

Buying a Kiton suit means: bespoke, sartorial, the best men suit available. Most Kiton suits take 25+ hours of labor, with more than 45 tailors contributing to each suit. Kiton uses the best wool which feels great and also looks great after a long business trip. Note: the finer Super 150's and higher are more luxurious and finer which would be better to wear to a party/ event. Kiton suits are made with sleeve buttons attached or without buttons (can be added by tailor). The Kiton suit has a classic Italian cut (slim cut). Kiton special suits are the Kiton Blanc Blu and Kiton Diamante Blu suits which feature Super 150's wool and Super 200's wool. View all discount Kiton suits in stock at 50%-65% off. Kiton men suits are hand made in Italy.


Kiton ClothesKiton Sport Coats

Most Kiton sport coats are 100% cashmere. The summer collection Kiton jackets also come in a linen/cashmere blend and cashmere/linen/silk blend. Harder to find is the very unique cashmere/vicuna blend sport jacket (sells at approx. $11,000 retail) which Tiedeals has one in stock: Kiton Sport Coat Vicuna. Kiton sport coats have a 3rd rolling button, a 3 button jacket where the top button is "hidden". View all Kiton sport coats.


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